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Enterprise Class MVC with ColdFusion and Java
[2008-04-01] *Enterprise Class MVC with ColdFusion and Java is one of the sessions at the cf.Objective() 2008 Conference.

Alfresco JLAN Becomes Available via GPL
[2007-10-16] Open source enterprise content management (ECM) provider Alfresco Software is now offering Alfresco JLAN (once known as the Alfresco Intelligent File System) under the GNU Public License (GPL),

Sun Java Breaks Out GlassFish
[2007-09-18] The latest version of GlassFish, the open source Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 application server, arrived with clustering support and faster performance.

Java Problems with Coldfusion 8 on Mac
[2007-09-11] I just got a brand new Mac Pro and I spent most of the day installing stuff, but the next day I was trying to get a little work done... I ran into a problem when trying to invoke web services on CF8 - it threw the following error:

Writing on .NET, Deploying on Java
[2007-08-21] Having spent the better part of my career working with products that are based on JEE, I sometimes have to remind myself that .NET is still quite prevalent.

CFC's in ColdFusion 8 use Java's Serialization API
[2007-08-07] One of the handy new features in ColdFusion 8 is that CFC's are now serializable.

SpringOne Keynote and Interface21
[2007-06-26] During the opening day SpringOne keynote Interface21 explained how they plan on using the funding they recently secured. Later in the day, I spent a few minutes with Neelan Choksi, COO at Interface21.

JBoss and the Impact of an 85% OSS Renewal Rate
[2007-06-05] Another tidbit that David Skok (JBoss VC) gave at OSBC was that the JBoss support renewal rate was 85% (likely at the time that JBoss was sold to Red Hat).

Sun Comes up w/ JavaFX in RIA battle
[2007-05-08] Sun Microsystems today is announcing JavaFX which will take on Adobe's Flex/Flash/Apollo and Microsoft's Silverlight in the battle for rich internet applications developers.

JBoss to Follow Fedora-RHEL Model
[2007-04-24] Before I get started, Red Hat/JBoss have the right & duty to their investors to grow revenue & profits as they see fit. I am certain that a good deal of thinking went into making this decision, especially to consider the customer impact.

Carving a well qualified Java Tiger Programmer
[2007-04-10] Sun Microsystems offers many certifications starting from programmer level to architect level.

SCEA - Carving a well qualified J2EE Architect
[2007-03-27] Sun Microsystems offers many certifications starting from programmer level to architect level. SCEA (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect) certification is designed for enterprise architects responsible for building high scale enterprise applications or who wish to be prospective architects.

Exadel Partnership (A Rose By Any Other Name)
[2007-03-13] I purposely didn't write about the Exadel partnership when it was announced as I wanted to get some more details on it.

Null Java References in Coldfusion 6 vs 7
[2007-02-13] ColdFusion 7 appears to be much better at passing null values to a java object.

Open Up & Say Growth
[2007-01-26] Matt points to an interesting article about using an open business model.

SOA: Assistance with JBI Application Integration
[2007-01-12] The methodology of Enterprise Integration has advanced to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) because of its ability to weave disparate applications and services to produce a business structure where data can flow as a business process.

Java and Open Source
[2007-01-02] In November, Sun Microsystems moved to "open source" status for Java, after a decade of maintaining proprietary status for the portable programming language.

Java Not True Test of Open Source Innovation
[2006-12-12] My thesis advisor keeps reminding me to frame the question correctly, otherwise the experimental results will be meaningless.

JBoss CEO: Show Me the Money
[2006-11-28] Sys-Con is quoting Marc Fleury, JBoss founder & CEO and now SVP & GM of JBoss Division at Red Hat, as having said:

Sun Gets Press, Maintains Control
[2006-11-14] So, the news is official: (and yes, I agree with IBM's question as to why Sun didn't join one of the community projects focused on delivering open source implementations of Java SE, ME and EE instead of trying to build their own community.)

OpenJavaEE and OpenJDK
[2006-10-31] There's a lot of confusion about what Sun actually intends to do when they use the term "open source java".

Why Designing a Good API Matters
[2006-10-17] Joshua Bloch has a good presentation outline called How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters.

Which Java certification should i choose?
[2006-10-03] Sun Java Certification exams are the best way to demonstrate your skills in Java technologies. These certifications are industry recognized and worldwide programs that focus on critical job roles in software application development and enterprise architecture.

A New (Free) Tool For Java RIA Development
[2006-09-19] A new tool "that allows developers to create UltraLightClient user interfaces from XML files" has been released by Canoo.

Java 5 Features Provoke Dissent
[2006-09-01] The release of Java 5 was widely hailed by Sun and through the tech world, but one programmer sees evidence of 'feature creep' posing problems for Java coders.

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